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Effective Meetings

Meetings are a necessary part of working life these days. They are the inevitable consequence of the need to collaborate with others, to develop new ideas, to negotiate solutions with suppliers and clients, to manage projects and to solve problems. Meetings can and should be cost effective and efficient. To achieve these improvements, there are a few techniques which are necessary.

This course outlines those techniques, starting with important preparatory decisions and activities to create a focus and set the foundation for a worthwhile meeting. It includes powerful tools and techniques for managing the group interactions, dealing with disruptive behaviours and bringing the meeting to a close. The outcome of all this is to ensure that your meeting gets the results that you intended with the minimum of effort and cost.
  • To develop a process covering before-during-after the event.
  • To enhance (non) verbal behaviour to control the group process and generate contribution.
  • To establish the role, responsibilities and skills of an effective facilitator.
  • To apply a structure to meetings: this provides focus and direction.
  • To use effective communication techniques.
  • To manage group dynamics and encourage positive participation
  • To identify conflict situations and deal with difficult people.
  • To make effective use of meeting visual aids.
Prerequisites Good level of course language and openness to change.
Who should attend Anyone who chairs and attends meetings and feels bored or frustrated?
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  1 day.