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Handling Conflict

Conflict is disagreement between two or more people with strongly held views and is unavoidable when people interact at work. Conflict is generally regarded as negative, but without it, much of our work creativity would be lost. Conflict needs to be managed and channelled in positive ways, to enhance individual interactions, teamwork and organisational harmony.

In general, people tend to avoid conflict as much as possible, but when it cannot be avoided, tend towards anger, harsh words, withdrawal, lack of cooperation etc.

Unmanaged conflict can result in serious organisation poisoning and high individual stress levels.

This Conflict Management training course aims to provide all employees with the understanding of themselves and others in conflict situations, the techniques and practical tips to defuse negative emotions and how to apply this in ‘hot’ situations.
  • Different types of conflict and to identify initial instinctive reactions to conflict.
  • The key skills and processes for conflict management.
  • The effect of personal values on conflict.
  • How communication can feed or reduce conflict.
  • How to put yourself into another person’s shoes and how to minimize conflict escalation.
  • How to disagree assertively and Active Listening
  • Constructive criticism and the effective use of questions.
  • Conflict within teams and organisations.
  • Finding common ground and Inner conflicts
Prerequisites A good knowledge of the course language.
Who should attend This course is relevant for anyone who wants to understand and improve his or her Conflict Management skills and habits. This includes Support Staff, Technicians, Professionals and Managers
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  2 days.