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Interpersonal Skills / Teamwork Training

The Team is the basic building block of modern companies, but the understanding and skills necessary for effective teamwork are often taken for granted. In reality, the skills which lead to effective team working needs to be learned, understood and put into practice to achieve the best results.

Teams within a functional/line management structure are the norm, but many companies now work with ‘virtual teams’ and the interaction between the hierarchical structure and the virtual team needs special attention, if it is not to unnecessarily stress those involved.

This Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork training aims to bring the participants to the level of understanding of themselves and others and of how teams function within the organization.
  • How to work better as a team and how to plan tasks efficiently.
  • How to solve team problems more effectively and in a more creative way.
  • How to communicate better verbally within the team and how to listen actively.
  • How to improve working relationships in the team through better understanding of each other’s work, needs and wants.
  • How to understand the typical characteristics of good teams and team leaders.
  • Roles within teams and how to balance these.
  • Team meeting techniques and receiving delegation.
Prerequisites Good level of English and experience of working in a team.
Who should attend This Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork training course is relevant for anyone who works in a team. Supervisors, managers or team leaders should follow the complementary Team Leaders and/or Effective Leadership training.
Languages English
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  2 days