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Managing Customer Relationships

The key to Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is to consistently deliver a level of customer service that exceeds and even anticipates the Customer's expectations for added value.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are directly tied to the quality of your Customer relationship management and the Customer has to feel good about doing business with you. To achieve this it is necessary to build and enhance a Customer service culture and to train employees engaged in this role.

External Customers have a choice, but what about internal Customers? They have no choice and so it is essential that people providing internal service strive just as hard to provide the added value needed by their work colleagues who directly provide Customer service.

This training will provide both internal and external service operatives with the understanding and techniques to contribute to a high standard of Customer service.
  • To understand and judge the importance of Customer service to success
  • The Customer service chain and Customer/Human being needs and expectations
  • To listen and communicate with Customers effectively: Face to face; By telephone; By email; Active Listening; Body language and voice tone.
  • Handle difficult Customers and how to turn such issues into a positive outcome
  • The importance of problem ownership, personal accountability and proactive follow-up.
  • Problem solving tools and tips
  • How to develop and sustain Customer relationships for Win/Win outcomes
  • How to manage Customer service transactions by role play and visual feedback
Prerequisites Good level of course language and openness to new ideas.
Who should attend All individuals who provide external or internal Customer service.
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 10 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the optimum role play, recording and feedback
Duration  2 days plus 1 follow-up day after a period of two months.