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Negotiation Skills

The need to negotiate arises in a wide variety of human and business situations and it can be that both parties can have very differing objectives, which have to be reconciled.

Strong and effective negotiation skills are essential for success in business and can also help in scenarios we meet in our private lives.

This intensive course will address the strategies, techniques, philosophies and skills required for successful win-win negotiation backed up by case studies, role-plays and presentations. The practical exercises will ensure that each delegate will translate the theory of negotiation into applicable negotiation skills and return to work ready to negotiate and gain consistent win-win results.
  • Understanding the key principles and stages of the negotiation process
  • Benefiting from tested negotiation theories, techniques, skills and philosophies
  • Increasing your knowledge and confidence to conduct successful negotiations
  • Improving your negotiation skills through practical exercises
  • Handling the challenges, objections and conflict of negotiation
  • How to manage the emotional dimension of negotiations
  • Reviewing your own skills and develop clear negotiation objectives
  • How to close the deal
Prerequisites Good level of course language.
Who should attend Individuals involved with formal and informal negotiations who seek the application of best practice frameworks, tools and techniques to achieve more consistent win-win results.
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  2 days.