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Professional Presentation Skills

Managers and professional employees are frequently expected to deliver polished and powerful presentations. It is not always easy, but if such presentations are delivered with creativity, memorable information and enthusiasm, they will be the key to successfully selling ideas, products, services and initiatives.

This course will introduce the participant to techniques designed to create a comfortable, professional presentation leaving the audience asking for more.

Attending this highly interactive course will refine and improve the style, structure, content and delivery of your presentations through the application of effective techniques, practice and feedback and live video role-plays.
  • How to overcome nervousness, negative feelings and anxiety.
  • How to develop skills to ensure your message is understood, persuasive and remembered.
  • How to explore innovative ways of delivering your presentations
  • How to develop a strategy and structure for a dynamic presentation
  • How to focus attention on the key issues
  • How to generate the audience interest and acceptance of your message
  • How to make better use of voice, tone and body language
  • How to maximize impact, persuasion and effectiveness
Prerequisites Good level of course language.
Who should attend Managers and professional employees wishing to build and develop existing presentation skills and deliver more dynamic presentations that will be remembered for having the power to influence and persuade.
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 8 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  2 days.