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Professional Project Management

We all ‘manage projects’ in our personal lives - the annual holiday, building a house, looking for a job, career planning etc. We do this intuitively and in most part we do a good job. To simply extrapolate this intuitive project management ability to the professional arena is fraught with danger - professional project management is a special management technique that must be studied and applied, if a high probability of success is to be achieved in the complex business world.
Professional projects involve multiple people at many levels and across many disciplines - senior management, sponsors, contractors, functional groups, IT - most often in a virtual environment where the project manager does not have hierarchical control of the team members. There are many pressures and pitfalls, which must be managed and balanced to achieve the successful project.
Whatever nature of the project, a successful project manager needs to understand the structure and stages of a project and have excellent people management skills. Professional Project Management training provides the participant with a comprehensive set of skills and templates to achieve this.
The training gives an overview of the techniques involved and explains the theory of project management. As well as in-depth practical sessions to take participants through every step of creating and implementing an effective project plan.
Content  •    Where do projects come from?
•    Structure the project
•    Identify the skills needed to successfully manage projects
•    Clearly identify the end goal of the projects
•    Plan the work effectively and efficiently
•    Manage the budget, quality and time
•    Understand the roles of all players from senior management to team workers
•    Develop a systematic approach to problem solving within projects
•    Draw up an action plan for on-going project management development
Prerequisites Some practical experience of working in a team to achieve organisational objectives.
Who should attend All those who wish to apply project management techniques to realise an objective – Project & Program Managers, Project Team members, etc.
Languages English and French
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  3 days: 2 days for PM technique plus 1 day for PM soft skills.