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Stress Management

In the competitive world we live in, employees are continually called on to do more with less, more quickly, at less cost and to improve quality whilst they are doing all of the other things. They also face regular restructuring and other causes of employment insecurity, like mergers, bankruptcy etc.

The result of these factors is often individual stress levels which impact on effectiveness and personal well being. The LSE Stress Management training provides a unique concept tackling work related stress at both an organizational and human level bringing together their objectives and priorities for optimum performance, self-empowerment and wellness.

21st Century employers have realized that stress management has become an important factor in maintaining a competitive edge and in being well perceived by clients and employees.

Rationality, consciousness, self-empowerment and wellness create an ideal working environment for motivation, initiative and efficient decision making. It minimizes individual and organisational frictions, providing more time and more opportunities for higher performance and effective management.
  • To know your enemy : all you need to know about stress and it’s consequences
  • To evaluate present work-related stress (individual and environment)
  • Stress Management techniques and the importance of relaxation and wellness.
  • Sophrology, an efficient and comprehensive tool for stress prevention,
  • Relaxation techniques, self acceptance and self empowerment for individual performance.
  • Bringing together objectives and communicating well for collective performance.
  • A new perception of the working environment.
Prerequisites Good level of course language and openness to new ideas.
Who should attend Individuals looking for tools and techniques to improve their performance under pressure, handle stress better, share more positive relationships with other team members and to achieve a healthy work/life balance.
Languages English, French and Dutch
Nb of participants 12 participants. Attendance is limited per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  1 day