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Train the Trainer

Employees who can quickly and efficiently design and deliver training which helps improve processes or increase production capacity are valuable assets to their organization.

A skilled trainer needs to: Understand training needs and objectives - Research information and details - Develop training material - Deliver clear and precise training - Evaluate and follow-up and to get results

This ‘Train the Trainer’ training shows the participants how to plan and develop ‘in-house’ training for the purpose of developing or improving employee skills or demonstrating new equipment or procedures.
  • The training process
  • Understanding your trainees - how adults learn
  • Learning styles and training styles and Body language for trainers
  • Planning a training session, course or programme
  • Running the session or course and Presentation skills
  • Setting the scene at the beginning of the session
  • How to lead a discussion and How to get the best from activities
  • Evaluating the training.
Prerequisites Good level of English and an active need to deliver training.
Who should attend Senior Professionals and Managers who are active as instructors or will become trainers who are looking to improve their training delivery skills.
Languages English
Nb of participants 8
Duration  3 days total – 2 days of theory and workshop activity followed by an interval of one month during which time the trainees prepare a training delivery, using the techniques learned, to present in front of the class during the third day. This training will be video taped and critiqued by the class.