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Change Management

The Change Management project approach provides executives and managers with a systematic process for managing the human elements critical to implementing strategic business projects. People are naturally conservative and do not welcome change. Participants of our Change Management course will learn to see change as an opportunity to be grasped and managed for the success of the organization and the individual.
  • To identify barriers to successful implementation that could jeopardize current strategic success.
  • Assess the skills and motivation of key stakeholders authorizing and reinforcing the change.How to apply criteria to select and evaluate key players responsible for implementing the change.
  • To identify and prioritize sources of resistance from individuals who must actually change. Determine the potential for resistance during implementation from current values, behaviours and "unwritten rules" in the organization’s culture.
  • Quantify the human elements needed to establish monitoring and evaluating systems to track the progress and results of the change project.
  • Develop and apply practical strategies and tactics to drive the change through the organization while building commitment.
  • Prioritize the use of resources and power to have the greatest impact for success.
Prerequisites Some knowledge and experience of project management and concepts of leadership
Who should attend Stakeholders in significant projects where Change Management could ‘make or break’ the project. Project sponsors, managers, leaders, team members or those who simply want to understand the forces which play in this complex human activity.
Languages English
Nb of participants 12 participants per session to permit the maximum interaction and practical experience.
Duration  3 days. 2 days followed by a two month interval to allow the practice of the techniques learned back in the workplace and then a third day to review the student experiences and to discuss challenges in forum.