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Creative Thinking

For companies to maintain a competitive edge creative thinking and innovative solutions are essential.
A creative approach to problem solving is invaluable in every aspect of business and commerce. The object of this course is to encourage participants to apply creative thinking to every area of their working life, to examine their habitual working patterns and to seek new ways of analysing problems. Participants will be encouraged to unlock their creativity and “think outside the box” and to meet challenges with confidence and imagination.
  • why creative thinking is crucial to business success
  • to free up your thinking and explore your ability to be creative
  • generate a flow of new ideas, both individually and with others
  • to challenge assumptions and recognise the limitations of habitual working patterns
  • techniques for looking at familiar situations in new ways
  • to open your mind to imaginative ideas from other people
  • to test and analyse new ideas
  • anticipate potential problems and take steps to prevent them
Prerequisites Good level of course language and openness to change.
Who should attend Anyone.
Languages English, French, Dutch and German
Nb of participants 12 participants.
Duration  1 day