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Our team / partners

Olger Draijer
Managing Partner

Originally from The Netherlands, Olger worked in financial services for more than 15 years. Whilst most of his experience is in banking, he has also worked in the area of life assurance and luxury goods.

Olger has extensive experience in leadership, customer relationships, sales and marketing. His focus is to assist companies in building leadership and team strength, and to facilitate the creation of their sales and business strategies.

As a result of living and working in several countries, Olger is a multicultural and multi-lingual person, being fluent in Dutch, French and English. He has been living in Luxembourg since 1998 together with his wife and their 4 children. Olger holds a Masters Degree in Business Economics with a specialisation in marketing and marketing research.

He has received his coaching training and certification from LKB School of Coaching in Paris and is an accredited coach and former board member of the Luxembourg Chapter of the European Coaching and Mentoring Association.

He has been a specialist for the ATTF (Agence de Transfert de Technologie
Financière) since 2007 and has given Leadership Training for them in Azerbaijan, Geogia, El Salvador, Egypt and Kosovo.

Olger is also board member of the Dutch Trade Forum, a networking association that is committed to helping Dutch speaking business people in Luxembourg.

Paul-Michael Schonenberg

A serial entrepreneur and business executive with almost 40 years of international and multi cultural experience successfully running large (600 employees) and small organizations in both the public and private sectors around the world, Paul has lived and worked in Luxembourg for the past 20 years. He has had 13 years of senior level HR related experience in the Luxembourg Financial sector, over 10 years of BOD level experience and has been honored by his peers as a Luxembourg HR Manager of the Year.

He is an active owner investor in three Luxembourg based SMEs.  With Masters Degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Management, he is working on his dissertation for a PHD in Organizational Leadership. He is the current and founding Vice President of the Luxembourg Chapter of the European Coaching and Mentoring Association and long term Chairman and CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.  His areas of expertise include executive leadership coaching and mentoring, organizational restructuring and optimization and HR best practices.  He is a highly skilled and broadly experienced problem solver, teacher, coach and mentor.

On the occasion of the Distinctions Honorifique 2011, Paul was honoured  by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and inducted as an Officer de l'Ordre du Merite de Luxembourg.

Esther Celosse

Esther is born in the Netherlands and she has an international background through 25 years of working in the financial service industry and personal development services, while living in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, Chile, Luxemburg, Belgium and France.

She has moved back to Luxembourg in 2013 together with her husband, after an earlier stay of 4 years from 2001 till 2005.
Esther holds a Master Degree in Law with a specialisation in international corporate and tax law.

Esther has received her coaching certification from BAO Elan Vital School of Coaching in Brussels. She is an accredited coach and member of the International Coach Federation. In addition she is certified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and certified to act as Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) practitioner.
Being a Dutch registered Mediator, she has specialised in mediating international Business2Business sensitive situations. Her areas of expertise include executive leadership, coaching and mentoring of teams, customer relationships, change management, project management and facilitation of strategy and innovation meetings. She is also keen to discuss the set up and running of blended e-learning programs.

Her pragmatic approach, no-nonsense attitude, organisational talents, flexibility and multicultural and multi-lingual abilities, speaking Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English, make her the natural partner for companies to engage her as consultant, coach and trainer.

Chris Garratt

After a 40-year career in the high-tech sector of industry, from which he took early retirement from a GM position, Chris has turned to facilitation, consultancy and training, where he specialises in Leadership Facilitation, Project and Change Management.

A committed European, Chris has lived and worked in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, the USA and the UK and is now happily settled in Luxembourg. Professionally qualified in telecommunications, Chris is increasingly focused on how to achieve business success through teamwork and leadership.

Chris is also the chairman of XMWeb, a London based software company. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 1996, for services to the British Community in mainland Europe and has recently been awarded the "Ordre Grand-Ducal de la Couronne de Chêne" in the 2008 Luxembourg National Day Honours List for his work with young people

Stefanie Hildebrand
Trainer / Coach

Stefanie Hildebrand, combines her 14 years experience in training and coaching in intercultural management with the know-how of developing customized trainings on diversity management for the Luxembourgish market: she accompanies organizations in needs analysis, managing diverse teams, managing the change.
She has trained and managed teams of multinational companies, worked in the US, Canada and Spain where she developed her cross-cultural as well as her linguistic skills. She trains in German, Luxembourgish, English and speaks French and Spanish.


  • Analyzing Level of Diversity within the Organization
  • Design and Follow-up on Diversity Strategies
  • Training design
  • Training delivery
  • Professional Coaching: Intercultural Managers
  • Consulting on Intercultural Management


  • Master in Foreign Language Acquisition in Adult Learning, English and Spanish Linguistics
  • Post Graduate Studies in Intercultural Management IHK/FH
  • University Diploma in Equal Opportunities, Non Discrimination and Diversity Management Université Lorraine (GENDD)

Work Experiences

  • i(u inter(ultural understanding Cologne & Luxembourg
  • Relocation Management consultant at c&s relocation Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf
  • Supervisor Häagen-Dazs Germany