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The partners of LSE believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and practice it in their professional and personal activities




What can we do for you?

  • We can help you to build and sustain an organisation geared towards a whole new performance level.
  • We facilitate the transition towards a leadership vs management focus in your company.
  • We help to create a true team culture.
  • We can improve the skills and motivation of your people, so that they deliver better results.
  • We can increase the overall profitability of your organisation.

Added Value

  • Attuning to and maximizing business opportunities
  • Enhancing the confidence and passion of your people
  • Sustaining a commitment to core values
  • Releasing the full capabilities of your management team
  • Releasing the latent contribution from employees
  • Training to improve team and leadership skills
  • Services can be delivered in English, French, German and Dutch

Our Vision...

"Is to become the first choice independent facilitator providing unique added value through leadership transformation, coaching and training, in the Grand Region, enabling organisations to realise their full potential".

Our Purpose...

We enable our clients to discover growth beyond their best expectations: through decisive strategies, full engagement of their people, effective leadership and customised training.

Our Clients…

We work with small to medium-sized companies, or specific departments of larger companies, who are aiming to be exceptional and who are frustrated by insufficient growth, limited creativity and resilience, and are unhappy about the lack of drive and passion within their organisations.

Our Methodology…

We operate as facilitators not consultants. The customers know their business, we know about leadership cultures and how to get the best out of people and teams. To complement our Leadership Facilitation, we also offer Executive Coaching and Business Skills Training.

Our Experience...

We have been growing our client portfolio since 1994, with Leadership Advisors who believe that effective leadership is the key to successful organisations. Our proven methodology, tools, concepts and facilitation skills have enabled many businesses to achieve growth beyond their expectations. Our speciality is Customised Solutions to address your business needs.